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Use Code: GAUDIEGANG15 to get 15% off your first purchase!
Use Code: GAUDIEGANG15 to get 15% off your first purchase!

Tyler Candle Company

  • Autoglam

    $ 2.25

    Tyler Candle Company’s Autoglams let you take your favorite Tyler scents with you. Perfect for your car, truck, or office; anywhere you can’t have...

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  • Mixer Melt

    from $ 1.50

    High quality wax melts. Use these glamorous melts alone or "mix it up" by combining two or more fragrances. Due to the high grade of fragrance used...

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  • 22 oz. Tyler Candle

    $ 21.00

    Tyler Candle 22 oz Jars Tyler Candles 22 oz jars have a long lasting burn time of 110 to 130 hours. Customers enjoy buying the 22 oz jars to indivi...

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  • 11 oz. Tyler Candle

    $ 15.00

    Tyler Candle 11 oz Jars Tyler Candles 11 oz jars have a long lasting burn time of 50 to 60 hours. Customers enjoy buying the 11 oz jars to individu...

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  • 3.4 oz Tyler Candle

    $ 7.50

    These candles make great gifts, are the perfect size for travel or to set around your bath for a spa experience. It has a 20 to 25 hour burn time (...

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  • Large Glamorous Wash

    $ 65.00

    If you love Tyler Candle Co. fragrances, the Tyler Glamorous Wash will let you enjoy your favorite scents throughout the day and night. The Tyler d...

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  • 16oz Glamorous Wash

    $ 19.50

    A fine laundry detergent designed to explore and expand the power of fragrance for an intimate glamour experience.

  • Dryer Sachet

    $ 10.00

    Tyler Candle Co Glamorous Dryer Sachet. May be reused to fragrance & soften up to 8 loads of laundry. Home Sachet: Place in vacuum cleaner bag...

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  • Glamorous Gift Suite

    $ 25.00

    Tyler Gift set is the perfect gift for any occasion! Gift Set includes: 1 Small Glamour Wash 1 Candle 3.4oz 1 Room spray 4oz 1 Autoglam Air Freshe...

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  • Glamour Do Gift Set

    $ 18.00

    Our Glamorous Top Secret Formula Makes Your Moment Fragrantly Glamorous When You Go - Wherever You go.